Appeal after tools stolen from van

The owner of a local landscaping business has been left counting the cost after one of his vans was broken into on Wednesday for the second time in recent months.

David Quinn of DQ Landscaping told how it was the second time that tools were stolen from one of his vans and that there had also been two other attempted break-ins in the last few months.

The latest incident happened at the Downs, in Dunboyne Castle Estate at around lunchtime on Wednesday, 29th March.

"I was working at Larchfield and the three lads were working in Dunboyne Castle Estate. The van was parked and locked and when they went back about 1pm there were three holes drilled in the side door and the wires were pulled out," explained David.

The culprits had drilled the holes to get at the wires and gain access to the van.

The culprits drilled three holes in the door and pulled the wires out.

David, who is from Drumree, said all they managed to take was a leafblower but it was worth €850 and there was also damage caused to the van.

A few months ago, he told how they were doing work at a house in Kilbride outside Ratoath and €4,000 worth of tools were taken when his van was broken into that time.

He explained that he does the maintenance for Dunboyne Castle and also does work for some private houses in the estate. In recent months, one of his vans was parked out the front of a house and they caught someone trying to break in.

"We have three vans on the road. My girlfriend brought the smallest one to IKEA and when she came out, the doors had been pulled out. But luckily there were no tools in the van at the time and they must have saw that there was nothing in it."

David said he claimed from his insurance when the €4,000 worth of tools were taken but doesn't think he will claim this time as he is afraid his premium will rocket.

He says the signage on the van seems to be a "red flag" and while he has thought of taking if off, he said it wouldn't look very professsional and it is also a way of advertising his business.

David has been in business since 2013 and said incidents like this "really set you back".

"You're out working trying to make a few bob and at the same time there are lads trying to rob you," he said.

The latest theft has been reported to Gardai who are investigating.

David is appealing to anyone who was in the Downs area of Dunboyne Castle on Wednesday around 1pm who noticed any suspicious activity or anyone who has CCTV that may have captured the culprits to contact him or report it to Dunboyne