Flying the flag with pride. Karting participants (from left) Shane Burke ( Summerhill ), Aaron Lynch ( Swords,) and Nico de Koninck ( Putte, Belgium ) after their hard-earned victory.

Burke and de Koninck stay the course to win championship opener

Shane Burke from Summerhill along with team mate Nico de Koninck from Belgium had recent to celebrate when they won the opening round of the Pro Kart Netherlands Championship in Venray, Netherlands in the Pro Class after a very tough five hours.

The race was filled with ups and downs, with 50 karts on track. It all resulted a flurry of action and drama.

However Burke and de Koninck showed remarkable composure and skill as they navigated their way through the field, taking advantage of every opportunity that presented itself.

Their performance was especially impressive given the fact that they were not considered among the pre-race favourites.

With sheer determination and a never-give-up attitude, they managed to outpace many of their more fancied rivals. Along with pace they had great strategy and pit stops thanks to Aaron Lynch from Swords, Dublin.

Speaking after the race, Shane Burke expressed his joy at the team's performance.

"We had a lot of work to do starting from 30th, but we kept pushing and never gave up. It's a great feeling to come out on top against such tough competition."

Nico de Koninck also praised the team's efforts. "We knew we had a lot of ground to make up, but we stuck to our game plan and it paid off. We honestly hadn't expected this result after many cold and late nights, but all that work paid off."

Overall, it was a fantastic performance by Burke and de Koninck, proving that hard work and determination can pay dividends in the highly competitive world of kart racing.

The SimTech Motorsport crew would like to thank their sponsors StageX Motorsport, TFR LABS, Stop and Go video productions along with Koene Kart and Engine tuning.