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Read here now to see how our Baggot Street address can be used for all your virtual office business requirements.

What is a Virtual Office and how can it benefit your business

A virtual office is a flexible and cost-effective workspace solution that provides remote workings and businesses, with a prestigious mailing address, phone number and professional receptionist services without requiring them to have a physical office.

A virtual office allows businesses to maintain a professional image and conduct essential administrative tasks while working remotely. It is particularly useful for freelancers, entrepreneurs and small businesses that want to enhance their presence in Dublin, without committing to a long-term lease or high overhead expenses.

Dublin Mail Drop provides such services in Baggot Street. Established in 2008, Dublin Mail Drop, provides clients in Ireland and abroad, the opportunity to have an affordable business presence in Baggot Street, without having to rent a physical office, thus avoiding the costs associated with office rental i.e. rates, staff, utilities, parking etc. With a Baggot Street virtual office, you will have a prestigious business address for your company, where mail can be received in your name and company name. Mail received can be forwarded to you by post or via email. In addition, you can also get a dedicated Dublin phone number, in which calls can be answered in your company name.

Since the Covid shutdowns in March 2020, the workplace has changed forever. Businesses, large and small, were suddenly forced to change the way they worked and luckily we live in an age of snowballing technology, making it easier to work remotely and not to be stuck to a physical location or office. Businesses are now seeking more flexible and affordable office space. For a lot of companies, especially those in IT, legal, financial, renting less office space, now makes more financial sense.

Virtual office services are now more in demand than ever. With ‘remote working’ and ‘working from home’ becoming more of an option and entrepreneurs and freelancers becoming less dependent on using serviced offices and physical offices, there is a rapid opening for virtual office solutions assisting people working from home or businesses using their home address as their business address.

A prestigious Dublin address also assists those working outside Dublin and even outside Ireland. A lot of small businesses use their home address to register with the CRO or even on their website. Imagine having a prestigious Baggot Street address instead of your home address! It will make your business look more professional.

Another advantage of using Dublin Mail Drop as your virtual office provider, is that they are a stable, long established, small business. If you have any queries, there is no long wait or robotic phone or online conversations.

In Dublin, the pressures of the residential property market, increasing commercial rents and rates, commuting, congestion, parking charges along with the changing balance between work and quality of life, is reshaping the city. As flexible workspace is embraced, more and more people and business will choose flexibility. The future of the office is virtual, flexible and remote and for those working in Dublin and outside Dublin, a central Dublin city virtual office can be such an addition to their business and professional life.

A list of Dublin Mail Drop’s services can be viewed at www.DublinMailDrop.com or they can be contacted at info@dublinmaildrop.com or 01 6670030.