Empress Dr. Elham Madani modelling the Dunshaughlin designer’s creation.

Dunshaughlin designer's headwear fit for a princess

A FASHION designer from Dunshaughlin who was asked to custom make a crown for a royal empress says her positive mindset and belief that anything is possible leads to amazing opportunities.

Asta Jakubson was attending The Forbes Magazine party at The Cannes Film Festival earlier this year when she was approached to create the majestic head piece for Her Imperial Majesty, Empress Dr Elham Madani, a film executive residing in Canada with links with an Iranian dynasty.

The stunning "sun goddess" creation made from a thermoplastic modelling material, Swarovski crystals and hand stitched leather roses took more than 20 hours to make and was sent by special delivery to Vancouver in Canada.

Asta who has a successful fashion design business previously spoke how she had been inundated with requests for bespoke masks for brides during the pandemic with the talented Dunshaughlin woman sending her creations as far as America.

Earlier this year she showcased her collection at the prestigious Film festival in France and says she couldn't believe her designs were so revered they would end up being fit for royalty.

"I always believe when you open one door, five more will open and I believe that's what happened when we were invited last year to Cannes Film Festival," she said. I always say be ready to be seen by the highest person because you never know who's watching you.

"We got talking to an actor at the Forbes party who said I know who will love your style and he put me in contact with her majesty and we have become good friends ever since.

"I couldn't sleep that night I just wanted to get started on it!"

According to a spokesperson for the royal, her sovereign lineage goes back to the Royal House of Al Madani originated by Sheikh Muhammad Hamza Dhafer Al- Madani (1768-1846). Empress Dr Elham Madani's family also has links with The House of Morris/ Tudor of Wales of UK says the royal source.

Explaining how she created the stunning head piece, Asta said:

"The headpiece is made from a very special lightweight sculpting thermo plastic art product called worbla, done by hand by my partner Ricardas Stasiskis.

"It is moulded once it cools, so the exact detail is achieved. It is a very time consuming process but as the princess wanted to be a sun goddess a huge amount of thought and design went into it. Every rose was made from leather, sprayed with gold paint & all hand done by myself. I added Swarovski crystals all beaded into the headpiece with some draping from the crown.

"The headpiece itself was added to hair band so that it fit comfortably on her head, it was also quite lightweight as it is so important that it feels perfect and is easy to wear. The gold base complemented the princesses' dark hair perfectly as with all my handmade headpieces that are individually made for all of my beautiful clients."

There's no rest for the talented it seems as Asta is preparing to attend the Venice Film Festival later this month.