Oldcastle Credit Union launches CU Greener Homes scheme

Motivated by comfort and warmth as well as energy savings, homeowners across the Oldcastle area are looking to invest in home improvements.

In order to help people to upgrade their homes, Oldcastle Credit Union in conjunction with Energia and House 2 Home, is launching the CU Greener Homes scheme this August, providing support from start to finish for home energy upgrades.

CU Greener Homes provides access to all of the information and supports needed to carry out home energy upgrades, including the initial assessment, the grant application process, the finance required and the project management.

Kieran Moore, Manager of Oldcastle Credit Union said “We’ve seen that there is a clear demand amongst our members to undertake improvements to maximise the energy efficiency of their homes. With the current energy crisis, people are keen to upgrade their homes, not only to make them more comfortable to live in, but in order to significantly reduce their energy bills.

“The CU Greener Homes initiative is an excellent opportunity for members to get all of their green home improvement needs completed in one go, with the process managed for them from start to finish.”

Grants of up to €35,000 per home are available from the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) for eligible work as part of the scheme. In addition, Energia will provide additional financial support for qualifying work, subject to terms, conditions and eligibility criteria. Homeowners can apply to Oldcastle Credit Union for a loan should they need assistance with the remaining balance of the energy upgrade.

A key feature of the CU Greener Homes website is the Energy Upgrade Calculator. The calculator enables people, in just three minutes, to find out the cost of proposed home energy upgrades, the grant support which may be available, the cost of credit union finance and the impact of the work on the energy efficiency of your home.

It’s something Kieran says homeowners should take the time to think about:

“Whether you are considering a new boiler or a deep retrofit, CU Greener Homes is here to help you. The application process is easy and straightforward and can be done through the cugreeenerhome.ie website.

“Oldcastle Credit Union is offering the lowest interest rates on work which has the biggest overall impact on the home’s energy rating. Approved retrofit work which results in the home achieving a Building Energy Rating (BER) of A3 or better will attract a loan interest rate of 4.9% APR* Terms, conditions and eligibility criteria apply.”

Start the journey to improve the comfort of your home, from the comfort of your home. Visit www.cugreenerhomes.ie and get a quick quote today.

A €30,000 home improvement loan over 10 years at a 4.79% interest rate (4.9% APR) has 120 monthly repayments of €315.13 . The total amount repayable is €37,815.