Celebrations... The Centra store in Summerhill was confirmed as the winning location for last Wednesday’s €4,687,612 Lotto jackpot. The winning Quick Pick ticket was sold to the delight Centra storeowner, Geoff Scally pictured with his wife Liz (centre) and staff members Jackie and Paula Corrigan with a little help from Jim O’Connor of the National Lottery.

Summerhill....The Lotto’s luckiest village

Speculation is rife in Summerhill as to the identity of its newest millionaire after the winning €4.6m lottery ticket in last Wednesday night's draw was sold in the local Centra store.

The big win comes just weeks after the same store sold the winning ticket in the New Year's Eve Millionaire's Raffle and owner Geoff Scally said they couldn't believe that lightning had struck twice.

Indeed Summerhill must be one of the luckiest places in Meath, if not the country, when it comes to National Lottery wins with the Londis store in the village selling a €4.7m jackpot winning ticket in August 2018.

"Over €10m in National Lottery jackpots have been won in Summerhill in the past four years between the three wins," commented a delighted Geoff, who couldn't believe it when they got the call to say they had won big again so soon after their win on New Year's Eve.

He said there has been great excitement around the village since Wednesday's win and that people had still been congratulating them on their last win when this happened.

“We still get customers from far and wide saying congratulations for selling the Millionaire Raffle ticket from New Year’s Eve so I’d say our regulars will be both shocked and delighted to see that we’ve had another big winner in the community. I had seen news online that the jackpot ticket was sold in Meath but I never guessed that it was our store. I was totally surprised when I got the call from the National Lottery with the good news so I can only imagine how the winner must have felt checking their ticket after Wednesday’s draw. I truly hope that it brings the winner great luck and that they really enjoy their win and their new title as a Lotto jackpot winner.”

Geoff said there has been a lot of speculation on who won the jackpot and they had heard about 50 different names but have no idea who won it.

"Best of luck to them. To walk in on a Tuesday or Wednesday to do the lotto and to find themselves a multimillionaire on Thursday, it is life changing sum."

The National Lottery has confirmed that the ticket holder has been in touch and arrangements are being made for them to claim their prize.

Geoff said once it was announced they had sold the winning ticket, there was a flitter of people coming in to check their tickets and that people were rummaging through bins to find the tickets they had thrown away.

There is a very busy passing trade in the shop from 5.30am in the mornings when they open until closing at 10pm so whether the ticket was sold to a local person or a passing motorist remains to be seen.

"It has been great for morale in the store after a difficult two years and great for the community."