Anne Donnelly, sister of Martin Kerrigan and wife of Dick Donnelly.

Unsolved Una Lynskey story to be told on RTE

The murder near Ratoath of Una Lynskey 50 years ago is to feature in a new three-part RTE series on miscarriages of justice.

‘Crimes & Confessions’ begins on Monday 10th January on RTÉ One, a ground-breaking true crime series that looks at three of the most notorious miscarriages of justice cases from the 1970s and 1980 and draws links between them.

Featuring dramatic first-hand accounts from those who were there during this most turbulent time in Irish history, this landmark new series shines a light on the key witnesses involved and re-examines some of the most successful - and controversial- cases amid ongoing rumours of a Garda ‘Heavy Gang’.

For over 40 years, the existence of a Garda ‘Heavy Gang’ has been denied.

For the first time the series will draw links between cases and ask vital questions about accountability as some of the victims of injustice speak out after years of suffering.

The first episode establishes a context for policing in Ireland during the 1970s and focuses on the story of 19-year-old Una Lynskey, who went missing on a country lane near her home outside Ratoath in October 1971.

Martin Conmey and Martin Kerrigan signed what they claimed were forced confessions. Dick Donnelly - who hadn't signed anything - had his manslaughter conviction overturned on appeal and Martin Kerrigan never faced trial after Una Lynskey’s brothers Sean and James Lynskey and cousin John Gaughan killed him. The Court of Criminal Appeal subsequently declared a miscarriage of justice in Martin Conmey’s case.

They were ultimately found guilty of his manslaughter. Una’s killer was never found.