Calls for probe into water loss in Robinstown and Shambo areas

A CALL for Meath County Council and the EPA to carry out a full investigation into why a large number of wells in the Robinstown and Shambo areas have gone dry in recent months has been made by Deputy Peadar Tóibín.

He pointed out that many families in the area who had their own private wells have now gone for months without water.

Commenting on the current flooding crisis at Tara Mines he said "Given that so many families have had their wells run dry in the vicinity of Tara Mines, it is hard to understand that this colossal body of water that has been displaced underground is not linked to these wells running dry in the vicinity of the mine.

“Many families are months without water. This is not good enough in the 21st Century. We are requesting that Meath County Council and the EPA carry out a full and detailed investigation into what is happening".

The local resident's group has refused to comment for the moment, but one local resident said his well had run dry and he can see no point in trying to drill another well.

“There was never an issue with our well, but suddenly after 40 years it suddenly went dry.

“There are a lot of other households affected. If I spend a fortune drilling another well, it will probably run dry as well,” he said.

A spokesperson for Tara Mines said; “Boliden Tara Mines have and will continue to engage with the residents of the Shambo/Robinstown area to find a sustainable solution to the ongoing water supply issues in the area.”