Cllr Paul MCCabe with Dermot Bannon in Moynalty

Dermot Bannon visits Cormeen Broadband Connection Point

Cllr Paul McCabe met Dermot Bannon when he visited Cormeen and Moynalty.

With 14 Broadband Connection Points (BCPs) in operation around Meath and a further two in the pipeline, the rural internet hubs are being highlighted in a nationwide publicity campaign featuring celebrity TV architect, Dermot Bannon.

He visited the iDesk in Cormeen recently where local students and businesses have been availing of the internet connection, which has also been used by local people to access remote hospital appointments.

BCPs are bringing high speed internet connections to rural hubs, which are used by local people who otherwise wouldn't have an adequate connection.

Cllr Paul McCabe met Dermot Bannon when he visited Cormeen and Moynalty.

“He was filming a feature about the wonderful Broadband Connection Point at iDesk in Cormeen.

“We chatted about how the delivery of high speed internet at the BCP is making the rural area of Cormeen more sustainable and an attractive place to live.

“He was also really impressed with the architecture in Moynalty village and is already planning his next trip,” said Cllr McCabe.

The Cormeen BCP is one of the busiest in the country and was the first in the country when it opened in August last year, according to Cormac McCann Meath County Council's Broadband Officer.

“There have been

students and business people working there since last August.

“It was good for students who wouldn't have been able to attend remote lectures otherwise and for people working from home.

“It has even been used by people who couldn't attend hospital or consultant appointments. They could remain in their car and have a private consultation with their doctor.”

The hubs around the county have been used for all sorts of activities including training programmes and by community organisations like Active Retirement groups and Foroige Youth Clubs.

The BCPs have also facilitated music performances and in October or early November, there will be a performance of a show called 'Resiliance, Revel Once Again' which features artists from all over Meath.

“The show will be online and can be viewed at BCPs all around Ireland,” said Cormac.

He explained that the BCPs are funded by the Town and Village Renewal Scheme and Vodafone provide the connections around the country.

The BCPs were developed by the Department of Rural and Community Development as part of the National Broadband Plan.

“There has been a very good buy in from local communities.

“There will be 16 in Meath and some are at GAA clubs and other facilities.

“Some, like the one in Cormeen is used very much for business and study and others are used more often for community or social activities.”

Dermot Bannon's recent visit was as brand ambassador for Vodafone.

He interviewed students and businesses about the benefits of the hub and spoke to Cllr MCCabe as local representative. The film will be used in the company's online marketing campaign.