Number one position for Louise Jordan

Meath woman Louise Jordan tops the rankings

Meath woman Louise Jordan topped the rankings at the conclusion of the 2020 / 2021 Republic of Ireland Ladies Snooker Association season last week.

The Meath woman finished Irish number one for the first time, she won both the National 6 Red Championship and Maureen Butler Cup and was runner-up to Sandra Bryan in the National Amateur Championship.

In what was a great season she moved up the rankings from ninth to take the Irish number one spot for the first time after a great season on the National Ranking Tour.

Top five - 1, Louise Jordan; 2, Annette Newman; 3, Christine Carr; 4, Sandra Bryan; 5, Stephanie Foley.

Emirjeta Doda from Dublin managed to remain in the top 16 going down from 12th to 16th place.

Margaret Browne from Meath one of the veterans of the sport also kept within the top 16 at15th.

Valerie Maloney from Laois got back into the top 16 going up from 20th to 14th while Claire Mill from Dublin held her place at 13 for the second season.

Michelle French (Kildare) dropped out of the top eight after reaching seventh last season to finish in 12th position.

Jennifer Earle (Dublin) dropped from fourth to 11th and Tina Keogh finished 10th on the National Rankings.

Cathy Dunne (Dublin) was last season’s number two-ranked player dropped to ninth place.

Joanna Ward (Kildare) moved up to sixth from eighth while Carrie Randle (Wicklow) made it into seventh after a good season on tour with her twin sister Megan Randle moving up from 36th place to sixth.

Stephanie Foley (Carlow) moved from 11th to fifth.

Sandra Bryan from Wexford was outside the top 64 last season but with a very consistent season and winning the National Championship for her second time catapulted her into fourth spot.

Christine Carr from Kildare has been consistent also during the season and kept her number three spot for the second season in a row,

Annette Newman from Carlow and Irish number one for the past five seasons in a row just dropped to number two

The focus will now turn to the new season which has a provisional starting date for next June.

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