VIDEO: Athboy musician brings a smile to the face with brilliant pandemic song

A Rathcairn musician who has been missing playing live gigs during lockdown has penned a hilarious song about the pandemic and the vaccine roll out.

In Eamonn Macdonncha’s tongue in cheek tune “Roll out the Astra Zeneca” he takes on the persona of some well known names like Christy Moore, Richie Kavanagh and John Spillane whilst belting out a brilliant account of the perils of the pandemic.

With lyrics like the "lockdown has nearly broke us and brought us to our knees, thank god for Arthur Guinness and for the PUPS" the dad of two aimed to bring a smile to people’s faces.

Eamonn’s ten-year-old son Ciarán can be seen helping out with backing vocals in the video along with seven-year-old Cóilín in the background.

Eamonn who works in Tara Mines explains where the inspiration for the song came from:

“I was watching the news two or three evenings ago and heard the term Astra Zeneca and there is an Irish ballad called Salonika and I thought you could do a great skit on that one changing the words but using the same air.

Salonika is a Cork song from the first World War. It’s about the Irish soldiers who went over to fight in the war and there were arguments in the city about who stayed at home and fought the British soldiers and who went to fight in the war.

“I thought I’d have some fun rewriting the song and give people a laugh and make them smile.

“My two son’s sang with me so we just really enjoyed doing it.

The Rathcairn musician who released his first CD of traditional ballads Piece of Mind, two years ago has been hosting a sting of Facebook live gigs.

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