Free online support group offers advice to parents in pandemic

Two mental health professionals have come together to offer free online sessions to struggling parents during lockdown.

Melissa Moore, an accredited play therapist based in Duleek and Linda Breathnach, a counsellor psychotherapist based at Garlows Cross, Navan are running "Wellbeing Wednesdays" each Wednesday evening in February live on Facebook providing support and reassurance around parenting.

Melissa says there is a huge pressure on parents who are trying to juggle home schooling, work and manage the day during lockdown.

Linda Breathnach, a counsellor psychotherapist has teamed up with play therapistMelissa Moore to offer "Well Being Wednesdays"

The Duleek based practitioner explains more about why the duo decided to start this free online resource. She said:

“Both of us are passionate about helping others with mental health difficulties and promoting wellbeing.

“As February is mental health month we are running "Wellbeing Wednesdays" where we can give support and advice to parents on issues such as home schooling, behaviours, anxieties, routines, self care, well being and any mental health questions they may have.

“It is all free so accessible to anyone.

“The two us working with families of different ages have realised that this lockdown has been the hardest for everybody, a lot of families are struggling, and a need is there that can’t be met at the moment.

“We have seven children between us, so we are also living through this the same as everyone else.”

Melissa explains how “Well Being Wednesdays” work.

“We have asked people to send us in questions through our Facebook page whether it is about parenting issues or people who have lost their jobs or people who are anxious who have had covid.

Really looking forward to the second of our 📌Wellbeing Wednesdays with We are trying to get...

Posted by My Space Play Therapy and Relax Kids -Melissa onTuesday, February 9, 2021

“Parents are facing a lot of challenges at the moment like how to juggle home schooling and working from home, how to have fun with kids, managing the day, some are struggling with trying to be everything to everybody.

“People working from home are also struggling with loneliness and a lack of social interaction. Our session is open to adults too, so we welcome anyone who feels they need support to join us.”

Both Melissa and Linda have an array of experience between them in their respective fields and can offer advice and guidance to anyone who would like to avail of their online imitative.

“Both of us are passionate about helping others with mental health difficulties and promoting wellbeing" - Melissa Moore

“I am an accredited play therapist based in Duleek. I provide therapeutic support to children who present with emotional and behavioural difficulties. I also provide a lot of support to parents who are struggling with issues at home as well as providing training and workshops to businesses who want to support their workforce with parenting issues. I also run parenting support groups.

“My colleague Linda Breathnach is a counsellor psychotherapist based at Garlows Cross, Navan and she works with adults on a 1-1 basis, couples and groups.

Linda also does a lot of corporate workshops supporting staff with mental health and wellbeing and is also a lecturer.”

Search for “My Space Play Therapy” on Facebook to join the weekly session.