Arranging the orders... John Quail.

Teen entrepreneur used his lockdown time to blooming great effect

A YOUNG Castletown man used his time off school during lockdown to establish his own flower arranging enterprise.

Fourteen-year-old John Quail, a student of O’Carolan College in Nobber discovered a passion for the craft and has been inundated with orders from the locality and beyond.

The youngster discovered a flair for the art earlier this year and hopes that even one day he can turn it into a full time business. He said:

“I’ve always had an interest in flowers and gardening and saw an article on flower arranging in a magazine a while back and I thought it would be a good thing to try and do.

“I read into what you needed to start and a neighbour of mine did a course in flower arranging so she showed me how to make two or three things and then I started getting my own ideas.

“I thought I might start making a few bits and pieces and it grew from there.”

John is loving the entrepreneurial life and hopes to continue with his business ideas into the future. He said:

“There is a woman in Ardee who sells fresh cut flowers and I buy the bunches and make things from there.

“I did a craft fair in Wilkinstown and I got loads of people ordering and buying stuff and began to really enjoy it.

“Hopefully when I’m finished school, I’ll get into it more seriously, maybe even have my own florist one day!”

The Castletown youngster is getting a lot of inquiries via the “Advertising Small Business in Meath” Facebook group and is busy putting together orders for the festive season.

“All the winter plants are popular now for hanging basket and winter boxes and I’m busy with wreaths for graves and arrangement for births.

“I like the fun of making everything and dealing with people.

“I know I’m young but I wanted to do something worthwhile during lockdown and it’s a great feeling that something I created will take pride of place in someone’s home or will be given to someone as a gift.”

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