Mater Private Hospital urges patients to maintain medical appointments

The Mater Private Hospital, Dublin, is urging Meath patients to attend planned medical appointments in light of Level 3 restrictions currently placed on county Dublin.

Given the interruption to continuity of care that some patients have experienced since the onset of Covid19, the Mater Private confirms that all medical appointments scheduled at the Mater Private Dublin will continue throughout Level 3. Patients are encouraged to prioritise their health concerns ahead of an uncertain winter period.

Stringent health and safety measure including social distancing, hand hygiene stations, temperature checks for hospital staff and full compulsory PPE remain in place at the hospital.

Professor Robert Byrne, Director of Cardiology Services at the Mater Private Dublin, said: “We are facing an uncertain winter like no other. The only thing that we can be sure of is that people will continue to need healthcare and treatment for non-Covid medical issues.

“People must be assured that they can still travel to Dublin for medical reasons, despite the restrictions now in place.

“Appointments at the Mater Private Dublin will go ahead as normal with stringent measures in place to ensure patient health and safety throughout their visit.

“If you require expert consultation or treatment, you should not delay in seeking it. Waiting could result in dangerous or serious long-term implications for your health.”

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