Toibin set for national launch of new party this weekend

Aontú will unveil its local and European election candidates at its national launch this Saturday at 1pm at the Ballyfermot Community Civic Centre, Dublin 10. 
Aontú leader, Meath West TD Peadar Tóibín, stated: “In three months we have held 40 public meetings throughout the country. No other political party has engaged at such a community level with the people of Ireland for many years. Well over 5,000 people attend those meetings. We have formed 65 cumainn throughout the country and have selected 60 men and women to run for us in the upcoming local elections so far. 20 of these candidates will run in the North of Ireland and 40 in the south. By any standards this is phenomenal grass roots development. 
The former Sinn Fein TD continued: “Our party is unique in many ways. The largest portion of our membership is drawn from people who have not been involved in politics before. However many of our elected representativess and membership have  left the establishment parties of  Fianna Fáil, Sinn Féin, the SDLP, Fine Gael, Labour Party and The Greens. Many are sick and tired of the membership dis-empowerment of those parties and the disconnect that exists between these leaders and the workers on the ground. This diversity is one of the major strengths of Aontú.
“There exists extraordinary division in Irish society, division to which many within the political establishment have become immune.  Crisis fatigue has set in amongst many in the media establishment.  Under Mícheál Martin, Fianna Fáil has become politically neutered, signing free pass after free pass for Fine Gael ministers, who in any normal circumstance would already be victims of their own incompetence. Much of the left has become consumed by the leafy liberal culture wars and have taken their eyes off the bread and butter issues of the people.  The political system is broken in Ireland and the people who are the collateral damage need a voice. Aontú will be that voice.”