Eleanor Tiernan set to bring new 'Success Without A Sex Tape' comedy show to Ratoath

Eleanor Tiernan set to bring new 'Success Without A Sex Tape' comedy show to Ratoath

Top Comedian Eleanor Tiernan is set to bring her new show, Success Without A Sex Tape to the Venue Theatre in Ratoath on March 15th as part of a UK and Ireland tour.

From Irish Pictorial Weekly, Bridget and Eamon and BBC Radio 4’s News Quiz stand up comedian Eleanor Tiernan returns with a new tongue in cheek show recounting her struggles to live a happy and comfortable life without releasing a sex tape.  The show includes cautionary tales, tips on how to avoid ending up having your intimate private details available online and cat cafe etiquette. This is a show about what happens when someone isn't willing to give everything in the name of success!

 The idea behind the show came from Eleanor exploring her relationship with social media and how we use it to validate our existence according to the Athlone woman. “Like a lot of people, I found myself trapped within a cycle of reaching for social media and the internet as a way of coping with disappointment,” she said, adding, 


Eleanor explores the benefits of having a sex tape in new show 

 “I wondered where that might take me if I allowed it to continue. Releasing a sex tape is the obvious conclusion to that question. I wondered what I would have to do to extricate myself from this pattern. Success Without A Sextape became the mantra I have for remembering that there’s a space between other people’s opinion of me and how I choose to live my life.” 

Eleanor is looking forward to ending her tour on home turf. 

"I'm delighted to be coming home for the last three dates of my tour. It's a different audience in Ireland and they just instantly understand the humour. I'm living in London and I'm touring a lot so I  don't often get the chance to come home. I'm really looking forward to it," she says. 

Tiernan is a name synonymous with comedy not just in Ireland but all over the world and it seems like Eleanor, a first cousin of Tommy has forged her own path in the industry but says that the Navan man was a great support in the early days. 


Eleanor in action on stage 

"I'm always asked if there is a connection to Tommy and being another Irish comedian with the surname of Tiernan I suppose it's not surprising," laughs the Athlone funny woman, adding " And there is, we are first cousins. We are both very busy so don't get to see each other very much these days but Tommy was really good to me when I was starting out and if there was ever an opportunity where he could help, he did. It was amazing to watch how successful he became."

Eleanor has found her own success in the UK and says that moving to London has opened up a world of opportunities. 


"There's definitely a lot of scope here as a working comedian. There's a vibrant entertainment scene and there's a possibility of gigging every night." 

So what's in the future for one of Ireland's most successful comedians? 

"I’m doing Success Without A Sextape for a month at Melbourne International Comedy Festival then I'm moving onto the New Zealand Comedy Festival. I'm also writing a new show for the Edinburgh Festival so it's all go but I'm loving it."

For more information or to buy tickets go to https://venuetheatre.ie/ 

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