€12m regeneration of Navan could get underway in June

Work on the  €12million transformation of central Navan is set to begin this year.
The tendering process for the work on the multi-million euro Navan 2030 scheme has started, amid predictions that work could start as soon as next June.
The scheme will transform the streetscape of the town dramatically and will reverse traffic flow in parts of central Navan. 
"We estimate that we will be going to tender  by 1st April and should be able to start work by mid June" engineer, Cormac Ross told last week's meeting of Navan Municipal District Council.
He explained the first phases of the work would include Trimgate Street and the Brews Hill junction, the taxi rank on Abbey Road and the park and ride at Liscarton.
He explained that the tender framework would be set up in such a way that if there were problems with an initial contractor, they would be able to  appoint a new one.

The laneway that runs between Trimgate St and Kennedy Plaza

The work over the next three years or so will see huge changes to the streets and lanes of Navan, including bus bays on either side of a widened Kennedy Road, as well as a large bus shelter and ticket kiosk on the plaza side of the street.

Market Square

While there are no plans for the pedestrianisation of Trimgate Street, there will be extensive widening of footpaths throughout the town and refurbishment of all the streets, including paved areas replacing tarmac and landscaping, indicating pedestrian priority.
The plan also provides for the reversal of traffic flow on Ludlow Street, with traffic coming into the town from the Dublin direction up the street towards Market Square rather than the current one-way traffic flow away from Market Square.

Trimgate St

There are also proposals for two-way traffic on all of Railway Street to give easier access to Circular Road and the Fair Green from Brews Hill.
There will no longer be bus stops at Market Square or Railway Street; instead, buses will stop on either wide of a widened Kennedy Road.
Real-time technology will ensure that there will not be a build-up of bus traffic on Kennedy Road and the plaza area will be made more pedestrian-friendly.