Salmon jumping at the weir at Slane

WATCH: Salmon jumping at the weir in Slane

It's a natural phenomenon. Nature at its dramatic best and it's free to watch. It's the migration of salmon and trout up the Boyne. The migration takes place every year and has been going on for countless centuries but this time it's different.
This time it's easier to see the migration because of the reduced level of water in the rivers like the Boyne. 

The fish were spotted trying to negotiate the weir at Slane yesterday as they go on their journey upriver back to their spawning grounds. 
"It's an incredble sight to see," said the Chairman of the Meath Regional Game Council, Jim Brennan who sent us the great video. 

"Their journey is very rain dependent. The fish have been sitting up between the estuary in Drogheda and Slane waiting for rain to help them move up the river. 
"This, of course, happens every year but this is the first year we can see them because the water is low. There's a deluge of rain expected on Friday and that will help them further. The fish will probably make it up to Navan today or tomorrow but they have several weirs to cross. 
"You'll be able to see fish from a small twiddle to a 20lb salmon, it's incredible. Nature at its best. We're lucky the weather has allowed us to see it this year."   

We can't confirm any sightings of bears near the weir.