Green sausages for St Patrick's Day!

If you fancy green sausages for your breakfast on St Patrick's Day, you'll be pleased to hear that Whole Hoggs farm in Slane have produced a limited amount of patriotic 'bangers'.
Peter Whelan and his wife Susan run The Whole Hoggs Farm in Slane and have produced the sausages for the Bank Holiday weekend. The supply is limited and they are available from Smyth's Service Station in Slane? 
The Whelan's herd  of Tamworth pigs are free to roam across almost 60 acres of farmland.  The meat from their pigs goes into their pork products which include sausages, rashers, puddings, salamis, terrines and pork meatballs.
"We cater for people who care about the way animals are reared. Our pigs have a much longer and happier life than the commercially reared ones," says Peter.