Enda Flynn, principal. St Mary's Enfield, Katie Clarke teacher, Mickey Burke Meath footballer, Noeleen Lynam, deputy principal, St Patrick's Baconstown NS, and Operation Transformation leader 2016, David McCaffrey Meath LSP, Lisa Clinton, teacher, with students from St Mary's, Enfield.

Schools take on Daily Mile challenge

Primary schools across Meath are to participate in a new daily initiative, The Daily Mile, which will improve the physical, emotional, and social health and wellbeing of all children and help in the battle to combat obesity.

In 2012, Elaine Wyllie, head teacher of a large Scottish primary school, realised that her pupils, like many others, were unfit. She introduced the concept of every class doing 15 minutes of a walk, jog, or run daily and found the results hugely beneficial.

The Daily Mile initiative was born and now has become so popular that hundreds of schools in the UK participate in the programme and is also in countries such as Belgium, Holland, the US, and now Ireland.
Meath Local Sports Partnership has invited schools to participate in this simple but effective concept, which any primary school can implement.

David McCaffrey, Meath LSP said: “The response from primary schools in the last few weeks has been fantastic, with more than 40 schools ready to roll out the programme. Its impact can be transformational, improving not only the children’s fitness, but also their concentration levels, mood, behaviour, and general wellbeing”.
Speaking at the recent launch of the Daily Mile, Meath footballer Mickey Burke said: “Any initiative that encourages children to get active must to be welcomed. Becoming healthy is all about routine and with 15 minutes of daily exercise this initiative is sure to benefit all”.
“We are delighted that there are over 100 children from our senior classes taking part in this initiative. We had a running group in the school last autumn; the Daily Mile initiative has reinvigorated the group,' said Enda Flynn, principal of St Mary’s Enfield.
The Daily Mile is successful because it is simple and free:

(1) It simply takes 15 minutes, with children averaging a mile each day.

(2) Children run outside in the fresh air – and the weather is a benefit, not a barrier.

(3) There’s no set up, tidy up, or equipment required.

(4) Children run in their uniforms so no kit or changing time is needed.

(5) Its social, non-competitive and fun.

(6) It’s fully inclusive; every child succeeds, whatever his/her circumstances, age, or ability.

Expressions of interest by schools in The Daily Mile can be lodged by contacting Meath Local Sports Partnership at 046-9067337 or email dmccaffrey@meathcoco.ie

For further details on the daily mile visit www.thedailymile.co.uk