The Vatican Embassy debate

Story by Tom Kelly

Wednesday, 7th March, 2012 4:56pm

The Vatican Embassy debate

Dear sir - I would like to take issue with some of Cllr John V Farrelly's views in his letter to the Meath Chronicle (22nd February).

In examining the question of the Vatican Embassy, Cllr Farrelly seems intent on reducing the debate to a purely economic matter. In reality, pointing out the size and number of inhabitants of the Vatican is unrelated to the vast influence of the Holy See which has diplomatic relations with 178 states and is a member or observer in almost every international organisation.

The majority of Irish people are Catholic and given the level of interest in this issue, it seems certain that large numbers of them are dismayed at the decision to close the Vatican Embassy and desire to have it reversed. If some Fianna Fail members are "electrified" by this issue, it's because they are reflecting the feeling on the ground among citizens who can recognise a rushed, poorly considered decision. The Government should swallow their pride and act quickly to represent the will of the people on this matter.


Maria Conroy Byrne,

Hermitage Park,


Co Kildare.

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