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Navan shop owner needs brain scan after savage attack

Story by Noelle Finegan

Thursday, 22nd June, 2017 10:12am

Navan shop owner needs brain scan after savage attack

A local shop owner who was kicked and beaten by a number of youths in a savage unprovoked attack outside his shop at Abbeylands, Navan, on Sunday evening, will have to go for further scans.

Ciaran Reilly suffered severe bruising and swelling to the face and head after the group of teenagers attacked him outside Reilly’s Londis, in the shocking incident just after 9pm on Sunday. 

Ciaran's 73-year-old father Tommy, who is the newly elected Mayor of Navan, came to his rescue and dragged two of the thugs off his son.

Gardai were called to the scene and viewed CCTV of the attack and spoke to some of the suspects but no arrests have yet been made and Gardai say they are following a definite line of enquiry.





















Both Ciaran (above) and his father Tommy were shocked that Gardai just let the main culprit go and didn't arrest him.

Ciaran said he received between 30 and 40 punches and kicks during the attack which lasted around four to five minutes. He attended the emergency department at Our Lady’s Hospital, Navan, that night where he was x-rayed and it was confirmed that he had no fractures. However, he suffered a lot of swelling and bruising and believes he must have been concussed as he doesn't remember much about the attack. He has since watched the incident back on the shop's CCTV.

While he is on the mend, he said he is still dizzy and nauseous at times. His doctor has prescribed more medication to take the swelling down and is sending Ciaran for a brain scan, as a precaution.

Speaking to the Meath Chronicle, the evening after the attack,  Ciaran said: “I’m still a bit swollen and sore, and bruised and battered. He told what happened:

“I just called into the shop to check on a few things and get things for the kids lunches. 
“Two guys came in who were up to no good. One of them had already robbed a 12-pack of Heineken on Wednesday evening and I thought they were looking to rob alcohol again. I was standing near the door. One went outside and the other came up to my face and said, are you starting. I said for them to go on about their business and I don’t want any trouble. Then he made a swipe at me on the way out. I told him to go on. Then they started waving their fists and trying to provoke me out. One would pounce and then step back as the other pounced. One hit a blow around my head and then grabbed a glass vase from the flower stand and fired it.”










Ciaran's father Tommy pulls one of the culprits off his son

It was at this point, Mr Reilly stepped outside to stop him and one of them grabbed him and the other hit him from behind. There were a group of youngsters across the road and some of them came across and two joined in.

“We were grappling it was nothing much just a few punches, then the other guy hit me ten or 11 punches to the back of the head. They started coming in and throwing kicks and punches. One of the guys working came out and tried to protect me and another lady was trying to break it up. They came at me again with another vase and I fell on top of the flower stand and two of them were on top of me punching.
“My father is 73, and came along and threw them off. They pulled my shirt and my sandals came off. I was left in just my shorts, I was bleeding in several parts of my head and face and was black and blue.”
Ciaran’s father Tommy, ,told how he was just pulling away from the lights when he saw what was happening and he came back around and pulled two of the youths off his son.
“It is unbelievable what happened. I can’t believe they weren’t arrested. These lads were down the town enjoying themselves that evening while Ciaran was in casualty.”
Mayor Reilly has hit out at the judiciary saying. “It is a disgrace. These guys have been up in court several times and they are still marauding around. The Gardai are trying their best but to see what is going on is scandalous.
“This was totally unprovoked. Something has to be done to stop these going around marauding and robbing shops. They bring them to court but nothing happens.”
Ciaran agreed that more needs to be done to reprimand the culprits.
“I know Gardai have their hands full but just releasing them with no reprimand is a disgrace, the next step is on to bigger crimes if they just keep being released back out. If there is no reprimand they will go on to worse and worse crimes. They don’t care. They have no respect for anybody else, the gardai or the public.”


Supt Michael Devine of Navan Garda Station said: “It was a very nasty assault on a man going about his business outside his premises on a lovely sunny evening. This shouldn’t happen.”
“We are following a definite line of enquiry. We are investigating fully and hope to make early arrests. If there was anyone who witnessed what happened, we would like to hear from them.”
Navan Garda Station can be contacted on (046) 9079930.

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