Brave staff tackle knife raider

Story by Ann Casey

Tuesday, 8th March, 2016 3:08pm

Brave staff tackle knife raider

A CCTV still shows the culprit attempt to take cash from the till.

Two very brave staff members at Rodney’s Centra in Nobber tackled a man who attempted to rob the premises armed with a knife on Saturday evening.Their efforts prevented the raider from getting away with a fist-full of €20 notes that he had grabbed from the till.
Store owner Rodney Dolan commended their bravery but said he has told his staff members never to put themselves in danger again in order to protect cash.

The incident occurred at around 7pm when the man reversed a silver Ford Focus car into a parking space outside the shop in full view of security cameras.He was wearing a blue zipped jacket and a black woollen hat and gloves.

There were a number of customers in the shop but they were at the rear of the premises in the off-licence area and at the ATM when the raider made his move.
There were three members of the staff on duty. One was packing shelves, the other was at the deli counter and the other at the till.
“He walked up to the till and asked for a lighter. He was given the lighter and he put €2 on the counter and the staff member opened the till,
“He had a long kitchen knife up his sleeve and showed it at that point, then lunged at the cash drawer and grabbed a fist-full of €20 notes. There was a struggle as the staff member tried to protect the till,” Rodney said.
“A second member of staff then confronted him and, during a struggle, he dropped the money he had grabbed. He then produced the knife fully and warned them not to follow him,” he explained.
“The two lads followed him out and took a photo of his number plate. One tore the number plate off, which was a false one of the car and there was a Northern Ireland number underneath.
“The staff then alerted the gardai,” he said. “They were both very brave lads and one of them had only been working here a week.
“I think what they did was admirable but I have told them not to put themselves in danger again. I’d rather be down the money than visiting them in hospital,” Rodney added.
Gardai say they are following a definite line of enquiry.