EGM ahead of FAI AGM in Trim and 2018 accounts will not be available

Story by Conall Collier

Friday, 5th July, 2019 8:19pm

EGM ahead of FAI AGM in Trim and 2018 accounts will not be available

Only three weeks out from the Football Association of Ireland's AGM at Knightsbrook Hotel, Trim on Saturday 27th July it has emerged that the 2018 accounts will not be available.

Furthermore, an EGM will be convened on Saturday 20th July at a venue to be announced.

Ahead of all that, the FAI will present the Governance Review Group report at a series of workshops across the country ahead of the EGM.

“Given the well-publicised issues that have arisen over the last number of months and the investigations that are  ongoing, it will not be possible to present the 2018 accounts to the members at the AGM," stated FAI president Donal Conway.

“It is therefore necessary that this element of the business of the AGM be adjourned until such time as the accounts are finalised, and the audited accounts can be laid before the members," he added.

As President of the Association, Conway has today written to AGM members informing them of an EGM.

The EGM has been called to facilitate the implementation of the first phase of the Governance Review Group Report’s recommendations, including changes to the Board.

The first phase of the proposed changes to the Constitution of the Association will be presented to the Association’s members at the AGM in Trim.

The President has also told AGM members that, in light of recent events, it will not be possible to present 2018 accounts to the AGM. The accounts element of the AGM will be adjourned until such time as it is possible to present audited accounts. 

“The lead up to this year’s AGM has been a difficult period for the Association requiring a thorough independent review of our governance structures, a number of parallel investigations into our affairs and unfortunately, a suspension of government funding streams," stated Conway.

“The Board are of the view that a reform of the Association’s governance structure is long overdue and accept  responsibility for not having acted on this issue much earlier.  

“The implementation of the Report’s recommendations is a complex exercise that will be completed in a number of  stages and over a period of time.

“As President, I am also very aware that the Association’s members will want to understand the process for the  implementation of the proposed changes and in particular to understand the proposals and procedures proposed for 
the nomination and election of new Board members into the future.

“These matters will be specifically addressed through our Governance Review Roadshows which we are conducting over the coming weeks in order to provide clarity on the reasons for, and the effect of, the changes being proposed as 
part of the Association’s governance reforms.

“In addition, we also intend to prepare and publish on our website in advance of the AGM, a frequently asked  questions document to address some of the queries that have arisen in relation to the implementation of the recommendations of the Report.”

“As per the Report, for handover and transition purposes and to manage the serious risks where everyone leaves at once, at least one or possibly a maximum of two members might consider putting themselves forward for position on the Interim Board," he added.  

Conway also urged AGM members to back the report of the Governance Review Group and its 78 proposals for the reform of the FAI.

“I cannot over emphasise the importance of our members voting in favour of the proposed resolutions at the AGM, and separately at the EGM, as the passing of these resolutions will help to deliver change and improve the way in which the Association is governed,” he said. 

“Government funding provided through Sport Ireland to the Association has been suspended and will not be reinstated 
until Sport Ireland are satisfied that the Association has made significant strides in improving governance at the Association.

“In addition to the suspension of this funding, the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport have also suspended  Sport Capital Grant funding to the FAI and Large Capital Sports Infrastructure funding.  

"All of these funding streams are very important in delivering our grassroots programmes around the country and  improving our football infrastructure.

“We have been working hard to ensure that all of our stakeholders are informed of developments and our dedicated  staff have continued to deliver programmes. 

"Whilst our sponsors have been very supportive, for which we thank them, the majority have an expectation that the recommendations contained in the Report will be implemented.  Sponsorship income is a very important funding stream for the Association," he concluded.

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