Smyth's VAR awards controversial goal

Story by Fergal Lynch

Friday, 19th April, 2019 1:35pm

Smyth's VAR awards controversial goal

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Luckily there was no need for crying over spilled water at Castletown on Thursday evening as Drumconrath recovered from the concession of a 'controversial' goal to score a 2-13 to 2-11 victory over St Mary's in their Junior B FC encounter.
Still hurting from their opening round loss to Kilbride, Drumconrath were stung further in this game after 20 minutes when a St Mary's shot was deflected onto the woodwork by goalkeeper Declan Lafferty before striking an errand water bottle and running away from the danger zone.
However after consultation with his umpires the referee Donal Smyth declared that had the water bottle not been where it was the ball would have crossed the line and he awarded the goal. As per rule he was perfectly right to do so.

"If the ball has been prevented from going over a boundary line by a non-player other than the referee, it shall be treated as having crossed the line, and the referee shall make the appropriate award."

That goal helped put St Mary's into a five-point lead, but livid at the decision Drumconrath found a new lease of life and rallied with points from Daniel Byrne and Stephen Crosby to trail by just 0-6 to 1-6 at half-time.
Five successive wides after the resumption hampered Drumconrath's recovery and at the end of the third quarter they trailed 0-9 to 1-9.
Then it was Drumconrath's turn for a stroke of luck as a Pado Farrelly free dropped short and deceived everyone before landing in the net to level the contest.
From the kickout Drumconrath won possession and bagged their second goal in 30 seconds when Bryne rattled the onion sack.
After trading a couple of points St Mary's cut the gap to the minimum with a quickfire 1-1, but four minutes into injury-time Jamie Myles added an insurnace point for Drumconrath as they secured their first championship win since 2017 and there was no need to cry over spilled water.

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