BEST DIGITAL CONTENT - On the trail of illegal dumpers

Wednesday, 13th March, 2019 2:02pm

BEST DIGITAL CONTENT - On the trail of illegal dumpers

On the trail of illegal dumpers

Meath has been under attack from illegal dumpers and The Meath Chronicle has been relentless in highlighting the the scourge on our landscape and environment.
We spent a morning with Meath County Council Litter Warden Ashleigh Daly whose job it is to document waste when its reported and sift through it looking for clues as to the origins of the waste. 

Martin O'Brien (camera/editing) and Gavan Becton (reporter) travelled to the locations and saw first hand the handiwork of illegal dumpers with over 50 bags of refuse and an armchair left at the side of a road. We followed her work as she searched for evidence, and she was rewarded, at the second last bad when she found receipts and labels that could help secure a prosecution. 

The video received super traffic and views and was acknowledged by Meath County Council for its impact and in highlighting the actual work that needs to be done to catch offenders!