Homeless couple move into vacant council house

Thursday, 13th June, 2019 2:50pm

Homeless couple move into vacant council house

Melissa Wilde

A homeless young Navan couple and their two children have moved into a vacant house in Windtown as squatters, pointing out they have nowhere else to go.

The couple say they are desperate and the council owned house has been vacant for some time.

"I have been on the housing list three years. I have nowhere to stay. The only accommodation the council will give me is in the women's refuge. I'm not an abused woman and I don't want to bring my children up there and leave my partner to sleep on the streets," says Melissa Wilde.

"The house has been vacant for ages. We will look after it and we are willing to pay rent. I am expecting another baby and we really need a home."

They moved into the house on Tuesday and Melissa says her eldest child, Cyra, loves the house although it is still virtually empty, because has room to play in it.

A representative of Meath County Council and the Gardaí called to the house today (Thursday) but left after a short time.

Meath County Council has been contacted for comment.