"I was told to f**k off out of this floor and f**k off out of this office before something happens"

Thursday, 18th April, 2019 4:05pm

Peadar Toibin

Aontu's Peadar Toibin had an unsettling exchange with his former party this morning in his Dail office.

The Meath West TD said he arrived at his Leinster House office to find boxes in his office and was approached by a Sinn Fein Party official who allegedly told him to "f*ck out of this office before something happens."

Deputy Toibin explained that his office is on the same floor as those of the Sinn Fein TDs - and his is the only office on that floor that isn't a Sinn Fein office.

"I have asked the facilities manager here for another office, but was told he hasn't one.

"Sinn Fein had approached me and told me to move offices, but when I arrived this morning there were boxes for moving in my office.

Then the official in and said "F*ck off out of this floor, F*ck off out of this area and F*ck off out of this office before something happens”..

"There was a level of aggression in what he said.

The boxes Deputy Toibin claims were left in his office.

"The boxes had not been left in my office by the facilities manager. It is not good enough to have somebody going into my office like that," he said.

Deputy Toibin said there had been a difficult atmosphere between himself and some of his former Sinn Fein colleagues for some time, but it has got worse since the launch of his new party Aontu.

Most political parties in Leinster House have their TDs offices grouped together, but there are some cases where TDs of different parties are beside each other. 

"The offices are not owned by the parties," Deputy Toibin pointed out.

Sinn Fein have been contacted for comment.