Visit the Meath restaurant that will sing for your supper

Thursday, 7th February, 2019 5:46pm

Visit the Meath restaurant that will sing for your supper

Our man Gerry Meade listens to the beautiful voice of Eve Bourton in Tankardstown House.

It's one thing to have great food in front of you but another to have entertainment at the same time. Cabaret and comedy have always had this, as has jazz, even pianists tinkling the keys in the background and poetry recited or the odd little play has entertained diners over the centuries. In olden times the court jester added a bit of fun to the boring task of feeding time for royalty.
In Belgium now they even have dining as you watch a full play and the actors double as waiters. Here in Ireland I have seen the “singing chef” waltz around the wedding guests on occasion. At the cinema we munch on pop corn thanks to the yanks, who also gave us TV dinners.
Tankardstown house have been working on this idea for a while and I attended their inaugural performance at Christmas and it was a wonderful occasion. The place is tailor made for the concept and their choice of a very talented and affable singer really made the whole thing work.

 Dundalk native Eve Bourton trained for years in Italy as a soprano and is set to be a big name. It adds an x factor to the meal which is already top class. Their next event is this Sunday February 17th at 3pm, the concert is in their beautiful Orangery, places are of course limited, this Valentine special concert has the option of eating before or after the music, to learn more about it go to