Na Fianna club signs up to help fight the flab

Story by Jimmy Geoghegan

Thursday, 10th January, 2019 2:19pm

Na Fianna club signs up to help fight the flab

Na Fianna football team.

Do you want to get moving and active this New Year, but you have nowhere to go? Do you find it hard to find a safe and well-lit area to go for a walk during the dark winter months? The Enfield-based Na Fianna GAA club has the answer - especially if you live in south Meath.  

The club are seeking to do their bit to help the people of the area attain a higher level of fitness by making available their facilities as part of the 'Ireland Lights Up with the GAA' national initiative.  

 "'Ireland Lights Up with the GAA' is a national initiative to improve the health of the country through GAA club and communities across Ireland," explains Na Fianna's Eilish Devine.

 "GAA clubs across Ireland will be coming on board with RTÉ's Operation Transformation and turning on their floodlights/lighting systems between 7pm to 9pm each Thursday for a six-week period from 17th January – 21st February as Operation Transformation returns to our screens for 2019. We want everyone to come and join for Ireland Lights Up 2019!"

The project kicks off at Enfield on Thursday 17th January with all day free weight-in, blood pressure monitoring and BMI assessment. 

There will be all-day advice from club physio Michael Cole, in the physio rooms, Johnstown House Hotel. The sign is at 6.45pm with advice on offer. At 6.45 also local physio Paddy Mulligan will be at Enfield GAA pitch followed by warm up with Marie Healy Cole. 

 At 7.10pm the Na Fianna Athletic Club members will get underway the walk underway. At the end  of it all a cup of tea will be made available to all. 

"All are welcome to come to this event. You don’t have to be a member to join in the walk," added Eilish Devine.