Tóibín plans to run candidates in all six Meath electoral areas

Story by Ann Casey

Wednesday, 9th January, 2019 1:49pm

Tóibín plans to run candidates in all six Meath electoral areas

Peadar Toibin at the Newgrange Hotel

Two elected representatives in Meath have indicated an interest in joining Deputy Peadar Toibin’s new political party and the Meath West TD is hoping to have a candidate from the party run in every local electoral area in Meath in the local elections next May.
“At this stage I am having conversations with two elected representatives in the county as well as councilors and TDs around the country,” he said.
“It can be hard to get candidates - even the established parties are finding it hard to get candidates, but I am hopeful to have a candidate in every electoral area in Meath,” he said.
“We are hoping to have at least 20 existing elected representatives declare for us, both noerth and south,” he said.. There are also local elections to be held in Northern Iereland this summer.

Deputy Tóibín said there had been a good bit of interest in the new party in the North among former Sinn Fein and SDLP members.
He said the official name of the party will be announced shortly.
“We have decided on a name, but it has to be registered and when that is complete we will make it known.”
Deputy Tóibín responded to claims he may be taking his eye of the ball locally by travelling around the country to set up this party by saying; “My work rate in Meath is there for people to see. Activism in Meath and for Meath has been a driving force of the reason I am involved in politics. That’s why I have worked with others in the Save Navan Hospital Campaign, the Meath on Track campaign, the Safer Meath Campaign, the Meath Housing Campaign, the campaign for the Boyne Greenway etc. If political opponents want to attack me I would suggest that actions speak louder than words,”  he said.
Deputy Tóibín has public meetings about his new party lined up in Omagh, Letterkenny and Cork this week.