Great Wall of China has a blunt message for Navan

Friday, 9th November, 2018 7:29pm

Great Wall of China has a blunt message for Navan

War of words

It was just some chalk graffiti on a wall but the 'Up Navan, f**k Trim' message left on a Dublin street struck a chord with the people of the neighbouring towns where relations are, let's just say, frosty. Now some joker has responded in style with a return message written (we think) on the Great Wall of China. Given the escalation in 'hostilities'  we decided to seek the views from both sides of the Trim-Navan divide and asked two proud townsfolk what they really think of each other.

Naturally, emotions ran high when we brought Darren* from Trim and Sharon* from Navan together to tells us what's best about their respective towns. 

*We've changed their names to protect their identities and safety.

Global warning...Message returned on the Great Wall of China

DARREN: Ah sure we come to expect that sort of crude language from the town that brought us Stuart Carolan who used nothing only curse words in that Love/Hate shite. We are used to more refined and cultured writers in Trim, such as Jonathan Swift.

SHARON: Crude Language?? You weren’t too bothered by it when Mel Gibson was effin and blinding all over the place in Braveheart, your only claim to fame that you haven't stopped banging on about since 1995, you’re as bad as the England fans and 1966.

DARREN: Claim to fame??? All Navan is remembered for is the Maze in the shopping centre and they had to demolish that because 12 young Navan lads got stuck in it and couldn't find their way out. Yis are as useless as a chocolate tea cup.

The message left in Smithfield, Dublin this week.!

SHARON: You wanna talk about getting stuck? Have you tried getting home after a night out in Trim, it’s like the Bermuda triangle - taxis disappear on route and you have to wait for daylight before you can escape.

DARREN: The best thing ever to come out of Navan is the road to Trim. Taxis don't feel safe going in the opposite direction what with the regular Market Sq mayhem.

SHARON: Ha! More likely they don’t know the way to Trim cos there’s f**k all to do there. All Trim has is the castle, sure we have one of them in Athlumney.

DARREN: Ah yea, the world famous Athlumney Castle:) :)... Go back to terrorising the locals and drinkin down the Ramparts, I'm off for a walk around our wonderful Heritage Town.

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