Same-sex triplets for Lakeland farmer's cow

Story by John Donohoe

Tuesday, 14th May, 2019 7:01pm

Same-sex triplets for Lakeland farmer's cow

Keith Agnew and sons Jonny and Josh with the triplet heifers.

A Co Down dairy farmer is enjoying a new sense of novelty following the birth of triplet heifer calves from one of his cows recently.

Keith Agnew from Newry noticed the rare occurrence earlier in the spring. The triplet heifers were delivered by a member staff on the farm on 19th February and weighed in at a healthy 24kg, 25kg and 27kg respectively. 

Keith, who supplies milk to Lakeland Dairies, never saw such a rare occurrence. It is believed that triplets landing and all of them being heifers is in the region of one in 400,000.

“The calves are two-months old and flying along well. The cow is a great cow of ours here. She’s just 10-years old and is on her seventh lactation. She’s a great performing cow,” he said. 

It is a family affair for the Agnew business. Keith farms with his wife Ruth with sons Jonny and Josh working full-time on the farm too. Ruth and Josh are in charge of rearing the calves on the farm. Cogent Breeding carries out the breeding on the Agnew farm.

“Cogent do all our AI here and the sire we used on the cow was Wintersell Demon,” Keith said. 

Keith, who sits on the board of Lakeland Dairies, hopes the triplets will join the milking herd in the next couple of years.

“The lads were looking it up online and it looks like it is a one in a 400,000 chance for triplets to land and all of them being heifers. It’s nice to see. All going well, the three of them should make great cows for us,” he said. 

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