Revels triumph in Rathkenny

Tuesday, 16th April, 2019 2:29pm

Revels triumph in Rathkenny

The Rathkenny Revels committee. Photo: Jimmy Weldon.

Rathkenny Revels, under the direction of Tina Price Lynch and Adam Lynch, along with chairman, John Joe Price, production manager and lighting designer/technician, Henry Byrne, set materials Enda Nugent, costume design, Ann Crilly, Rita Monaghan and Carmel Mongey, and sound engineer/projection Patrick Leddy assisted by Anne Groome, opened its doors once again last week to a sold-out audience.
As the sun set on an April evening queues of people waited outside this local country hall to get in.  Their endeavours were very worthwhile and they were not disappointed.
The professionalism of an amateur group of people was to behold. From costume, lighting, sound, stage production, to the musical content, dancing, variety and comedy acts and original ideas. The last number of months, were spent relentlessly and continually creating this sparkling production.  Tina and Adam mentored the very young, and the not so very young people from Rathkenny and the surrounding area. 
The comedy team under the leadership of Shay Carry and Michael Conlon continued to bring the house down. 
Rathkenny Hall seems to work for The Revels. It is the place in which The Revels can freely function and make their own in conjunction with the Rathkenny Hall committee.
Revels in Rathkenny is a place where the local community can come together to be entertained by their own and socialise together. It is a place where they can appreciate and indulge in what their children grandchildren and great grandchildren can do and are capable of doing in an atmosphere   driven by a totally professional group of people. 
There is a place for everyone in Rathkenny Revels. In this time of life where social media is having such profound detrimental effects on people the Revels gives the younger generation the platform to build their confidence, their self-belief and self-esteem.  All areas of ability are covered. It is welcomed enormously, to see the young past members in particular, getting involved in behind the scene work fitting in nicely with college and work schedules. This is much encouraged within the society and greatly appreciated.
Along with those mentioned above there is a team of people in the back ground too many to mention, pushing it along, and without them, The Revels would not survive or be such a success year on year.  It takes a lot of people to bring what just happened last week to the standard it is.  You must go to the show….so if you have missed out this year make sure you put it in your diary for next year.


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