The Boyne in Medieval Myth and Literature

Story by John Donohoe

Tuesday, 16th April, 2019 1:48pm

The Boyne in Medieval Myth and Literature

Dr Clodagh Downey.

'The Boyne in Medieval Myth and Literature' is the title of the Meath Archaeological and Historical Society lecture to be held on Tuesday 16th April in Navan Library, at 7.45pm. The talk will be given by Dr Clodagh Downey, lecturer in the Irish Department in NUI Galway, who has described the River Boyne as “more serene than dramatic, but for all its placidity, it has left an enduring mark on the mythological, literary and historical landscape of the whole country, as attested by our earliest records onwards. The Boyne was endowed with a rich store of cultural traditions on which medieval authors could draw, and this talk will explore some of those traditions, including medieval mythological accounts of the creation of the Boyne, associations of the Boyne with poetic inspiration, and stories of extraordinary events that took place on its banks.”

Clodagh Downey's research interests include Old and Middle Irish language, the literature of medieval Ireland (including heroic, mythological and king-tales), and dindṡenchas (‘lore of important places').  Clodagh is a native of the Bru na Boinne area in Meath. 

The lecture will take place at 7.45pm, immediately following the AGM which commences at 7pm.
All welcome. Enquiries to Julitta Clancy, (01) 825 9438 or

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