Venue hosts Dublin City Ramblers for polio charity this weekend

Story by John Donohoe

Friday, 8th February, 2019 11:20am

Venue hosts Dublin City Ramblers for polio charity this weekend

The Dublin City Ramblers.

Ballad group, the Dublin City Ramblers will play the Venue on Saturday 9th February to raise funds for the charity, Polio Survivors Ireland. Known for ‘Dublin in the Rare Oul Times’, ‘Punch and Judy Man’ and ‘Flight of Earls’, the Ramblers will ‘Raise the Roof’ of the Venue while supporting the only charity providing help to those who had polio as babies or young children.  

Most people think of polio as gone, however polio survivors are still here and living with the impact of polio decades after the original infection. They may have late effects of Polio, also known as Post Polio Syndrome, which can cause symptoms such as sleep impairment, fatigue, weakness, muscle and joint pain, severe intolerance to cold, speech difficulties, difficulty swallowing, and respiratory problems. As they age, survivors may need the support of aids and appliances, calipers, leg braces or tailored footwear, to help them maintain their independence and mobility. 
Polio Survivors Ireland provides practical help and support, therapies such as respite breaks and physiotherapy and sometimes more importantly a listening ear. Polio survivors have overcome adversity but still need help. 

 Some tickets are still available and can be booked here: