Don’t be hasty, follow road safety!

Wednesday, 21st February, 2018 4:21pm

Don’t be hasty, follow road safety!

Pupils from 6th class

Welcome to our third article on cycle safety training. 
This week was Well-Being Week in Dunboyne Senior Primary School, so it was the perfect opportunity to spend time outdoors exercising and learning about very important cycle safety skills. In this week’s cycle safety lesson, we learned the importance of using hand signals when making turns.


Look – To observe the traffic and if it is safe to do so…
Signal – For four seconds and then….
Look Again – To ensure it is safe to turn. This is known as a lifesaver look!
Make Your Turn – Only if it is safe to do so.

Using the above guidelines, we practiced the safe performance of right hand turns. We now feel equipped with the skills necessary to carry out these manoeuvres properly.

During Wellbeing Week, our Junior Road Safety Officers (JRSO) also visited classes in the school to show the pupils a Cycle Safely to School dvd which was produced by the Road Safety Authority.

We are looking forward to our next cycle safety lesson after the midterm break.

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