What we did in little brake!

Wednesday, 21st February, 2018 4:12pm

What we did in little brake!

Welcome to our second article on cycle safety in Dunboyne Senior Primary School. Richie Kelly and Don MacSweeney came to complete the second week of our cycling course. It was a cold and wintery day, but we still had great fun. This week’s Cycle Safety Course was very interesting and we are looking forward to our next lesson.


Emergency Braking: It is very important that we know how to brake properly. We pull the back brake before the front so we don’t flip over the handlebars and injure the cyclist.

Cycling Practice: We learned how to cycle in a straight line and then stopping. Emphasis was placed on always paying attention while cycling. It was highlighted that the cyclist should always keep their eyes on the direction that they are travelling. This helps to ensure that cyclists keep control of the bike. Don’t ever lift your legs off the pedal when cycling.
Look out for our next Update!