BSafe Junior Road Safety Officer

Tuesday, 26th September, 2017 11:15am

BSafe Junior Road Safety Officer

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A pupil from National school FIFTH and/or SIXTH class to be selected by their school to serve as the JRSO. Their role is to help promote road safety issues within the school with the support of their teacher. 

About the JRSO scheme
It is the intention that the JRSO scheme will be an effective and popular way to get serious road safety messages across to children and provide an opportunity to develop their communication skills. Pupils from year’s five and six have the opportunity to deliver important road safety messages to the entire school community in a fun and innovative way.

The scheme involves minimum input from teachers with the main emphasis being placed on the appointed JRSOs. A teacher or teaching assistant should be nominated by the school to act as a school guide and to offer advice and support to the JRSOs. 
Schools could, if they feel it necessary, appoint two (depending on the size of school) JRSOs from pupils in fifth and/or sixth class. 

The JRSO's role
The role of the JRSO is to spread road safety messages to the school community by:

  • Circulating road safety information.
  • Highlighting in paper competitions.
  • Putting up posters.
  • Using their own ideas to spread the message.

Selecting your JRSOs
Methods to consider when selecting your JRSOs:

  • Choose one or two (depending on school size) JRSOs from years FIVE OR SIX.
  • Pupils could complete a basic application form and the selection can be based on their answers.
  • Maybe ask students to nominate representatives.

If you have any questions or require additional information please contact or post to BSafe c/o Meath Chronicle Market Square Navan Co, Meath.

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