Inventors aim to keep Mary Ita running competitively, after her Parkinson’s diagnosis

TV WEEK (Wednesday 28th to Tuesday 5th)


Domino Day (BBC 3, Wednesday 28th, 9pm)

Described as a ‘modern-day witch drama’, this supernatural series follows titular character Domino, who finds her victims on dating apps. All goes well until she moves to Manchester, only to discover she’s being tracked by a coven of witches with trouble in mind.

Big Life Fix (RTÉ 1, Wednesday 28th, 9,35pm)

Ireland’s leading inventors work on solutions to everyday problems by harnessing the power of science to create tailor-made inventions. In the first episode, the team endeavour to help Mary Ita O’Connor, from Milford, County Cork, who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease at the age of 39, and who is desperate for something that will allow her to continue to run competitively.

The British Airways Killer (ITV, Thursday 28th, 9pm)

A documentary exploring the death of Joanna Simpson, a wealthy heiress who was killed by her husband, a British Airways pilot. Access to unseen police interview tapes paints a vivid picture of the crime as he brutally bludgeoned her to death with her children listening in their playroom.

Other Voices (RTÉ 1, Thursday 29th, 11.05pm)

Ireland’s lauded televised music show returns with a series of extraordinary performances filmed in Dingle and Cork showcasing the trailblazing talents of some of the best Irish and international artists on the current music scene. The series begins with a storming performance by CMAT, who brings her star presence to the church for the first time.

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Eurovision 2024: Graham Meets Olly (BBC 1, Friday 1st, 10.40pm)

Olly Alexander is preparing to fulfil one of his biggest life ambitions – to represent the UK in the Eurovision Song Contest. Ahead of the grand final in May, Olly joins Graham Norton to talk candidly about competing in Sweden, as well as performing his Eurovision song, Dizzy.

Mary And George (Sky Atlantic, Tuesday 5th, 9pm)

Inspired by the outrageous true story of Mary and George Villiers, Julianne Moore and Nicholas Galitzine star in an audacious historical psychodrama about the treacherous mother and son who rose from poverty, to scheme, seduce and kill to conquer the Court of England and the bed of its King.


The Father (Film4, Wednesday 28th, 9pm)

Anthony Hopkins, Olivia Colman and Mark Gatkiss star in this Oscar nominated drama about a mischievous and highly independent man who refuses all assistance from his daughter even as his dementia takes hold. Slowly, he begins to doubt his loved ones, his own mind and even the fabric of his reality.

Animal Kingdom (Film4, Wednesday 28th, 1.40am)

Worth setting the recorder for, this Aussie based crime drama centres on a family of violent Melbourne villains – ruled over by a matriarch who takes no prisoners in her ruthless quest to dominate all the criminal operations across the entire city.

The Impossible (BBC 2, Friday 1st, 11.05pm)

In December 2004, close-knit family of Naomi Watts, Ewan McGregor and their three sons begin a vacation in Thailand – but the idyllic holiday becomes a nightmare as the horrific Indian Ocean tsunami crashes upon them. Filmed where the actual waves struck, it is a harrowing reminder of nature’s havoc.


The Dig (RTÉ 2, Friday 1st, 10pm)

Solid performances from Ralph Fiennes and Carey Mulligan set against gorgeously filmed English countryside in this unusual historical romance set just before WWII when an independent excavator discovers a wooden ship from the Dark Ages while digging up a burial ground on an old estate.


Mavka: The Forest Song (Sky Cinema, from Sunday)

This animated musical is set around young and naive forest spirit Mavka, who develops feelings for a human musician, Lukas. As they grow closer to each other, an inevitable situation forces Mavka to choose between her love and her duty as a guardian of the forest.

Spider-Man: Into The Spider Verse (RTÉ 1, Saturday 2nd, 8.05pm)

Bitten by a radioactive spider in the subway, Brooklyn teenager Miles Morales develops mysterious powers that transform him into the one and only Spider-Man. After meeting Peter Parker, he realises there are others who share his high-flying talents.


Messi’s World Cup: The Rise of a Legend (Apple TV)

Documentary series featuring the Argentine superstar’s glorious international career, which culminated in the legacy-defining World Cup victory in Qatar. Includes commentary from his team-mates, coaches and rivals from his first match in Argentina colours, through to being crowned a World Cup champion.

Mea Culpa (Netflix)

A criminal defence attorney takes on the case of a seductive artist accused of murdering his girlfriend, only to become romantically enmeshed when burning desire takes hold and things get hot and dangerous. Kelly Rowland stars in a story where the truth isn’t as obvious as it seems, and everyone is guilty of something.

Shogun (Disney+)

Epic historical drama based on the 1975 novel by James Clavell which charts the collision of two ambitious men and a mysterious female Samurai warrior as John Blackthorne, an English adventurer, finds himself shipwrecked in 16th century Japan, as yet undiscovered by Europeans.

The Parades (Netflix)

In this supernatural drama Minako, a single mother, awakes on a beach to discover that she has been killed in a natural disaster. As she scours the devastation for her young son, she encounters a group of similarly lost souls, all stuck in limbo between life and death.


Rugbai Beo (TG4, Friday 1st, 7.20pm)

Munster are on home ground to welcome Zebre to Musgrave Park in this evening game that should see a wall of red flags fluttering across the ground. Regardless of the weather, these evening matches carry a definite atmosphere – and hopefully an enthralling contest to match.

Premier League (Sky Sports, all weekend)

Super Sunday brings us Burnley versus Bournemouth at 2pm, with the Clarets within the relegation zone. Then it’s a Manchester derby as City take on United at 3pm. Monday Night Football at 6.30pm sees bottom of the table Sheffield United hosting top of the pile Arsenal in a do or die encounter.