Cillian Murphy in Breakfast On Pluto, RTÉ 2, Saturday January 20.

This week: one of a Golden Globe winner’s earliest films

TV WEEK (Wednesday 17th to Tuesday 23rd)

Truelove (Ch4, Wednesday 17th, 9pm)

This series examines the delicate topic of euthanasia, and follows a group of old friends reunited at a funeral. Lindsay Duncan is a retired police chief who is one of those united in making a pact to assist each other to have dignified deaths when the time comes. But that time comes sooner than any of them expect.

The Band (BBC 1, Wednesday 17th, 10.40pm)

Exploring the vibrant musical heritage passed down from generation to generation, the series follows two Northern Ireland bands competing at the World Pipe Band Championships, including a piper who overcame huge personal adversity to play again, and a young man with a disability who has gained a sense of identity playing with his band.

Count Abdullah (ITV2, Thursday 18th, 10.05pm)

Count Abdulla follows Abdulla Khan – a mid-20s British Muslim doctor stuck in an identity crisis, caught between his religious mother and his secular, hedonistic friends. But when Abdulla is bitten by a vampire he suddenly becomes the outsider’s outsider.

My Life As A Rolling Stone (RTÉ 2, Tuesday 23rd, 11.30pm)

It’s probably one of the best jobs in the world. Mick Jagger, front man in ‘the world’s greatest rock and roll band’ for 60 years, outlines how that journey unfolded to still have him gyrating on global stages aged 80.

Siegfried Hecker, from left, Daniel Holz, Sharon Squassoni, Mary Robinson and Elbegdorj Tsakhia with the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, remove a cloth covering the Doomsday Clock before a virtual news conference at the National Press Club in Washington, Tuesday, Jan. 24, 2023. The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists announced that it has moved the minute hand of the Doomsday Clock to 90 seconds to midnight. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky) Photo by Patrick Semansky

Nuclear Armageddon: How Close Are We? (BBC 2, Thursday 18th, 9pm)

With the Doomsday Clock the closest it’s ever been to midnight, Jane Corbin investigates the proliferation of nuclear weapons across the globe, visiting the cutting-edge nuclear development laboratory in Los Alamos, the historic home of Oppenheimer’s Manhattan Project. She also discovers how the global agreements and safeguards that have constrained the spread of nuclear weapons since the 1970s are breaking down.


No Hard Feelings (Sky Cinema, from Friday)

On the brink of losing her childhood home, Jennifer Lawrence discovers an intriguing job listing: wealthy helicopter parents looking for someone to ‘date’ their introverted 19-year-old son, Percy, before he leaves for college. Cheerful rom-com.

Breakfast On Pluto (RTÉ 2, Saturday 20th, 11.30pm)

One of Cillian Murphy’s earliest films, this is a tale of an abandoned baby fathered by a priest who eventually goes on to identify himself as transgender called Kitten in the bohemian quarters of London’s alternative society.

The Queen Mary (Sky Cinema, from Sunday)

In the early 20th century, shipping lines competed to be the fastest to complete a transatlantic crossing – among the most famous record holders was the RMS Queen Mary – a ship with history of ghosts and visions from its heyday in the 1930s and the story of two families whose lives become violently entangled.


The Hurt Locker (BBC 1, Friday 19th, 12am)

An intense action filled war epic directed by Kathryn Bigelow follows members of a bomb disposal unit in Baghdad during the Iraq war. As their tour of duty enters its final weeks, the men face a set of increasingly hazardous situations, any of which could end their lives in an explosive instant. Nail-biting.


Sullivan Sails (RTÉ Player)

Sullivan, along with his imaginary friend Benji the fox, create a world of their own that is bursting with nature and adventure, from the darkest caves to the highest treetops. They travel to the rainforest to find a rare butterfly, and anchor off the Galapagos islands for a picnic, only to discover they’ve set foot on an active volcano.

Gardening For Kids (Cbeebies)

Getting out and about in the garden is a fun way of helping kids learn more about the world around them. Growing and caring for plants and flowers, or just examining leaves and soil, helps youngsters understand lifecycles and where food comes from. A great way to introduce them to gardening is by simply planting a packet of seeds and growing them in a pot.


Role Play (Amazon Prime)

Kayley Cuoco and David Oyelowo have the seemingly perfect life – two kids, suburban house, good jobs – but after seven years of marriage, they find themselves in a bit of a rut and are looking to spice things up with some choreographed roleplay as strangers in a hotel bar. Things get complicated, however, when her secret life as an international assassin is discovered – and all hell breaks loose. Bill Nighy also stars.

Echo (Disney+)

An original series set within the Marvel Cinematic Universe focuses on Echo – a spin-off from Hawkeye – and traces the origin story of Maya Lopez, whose ruthless behaviour in New York City catches up with her in her hometown. She has to face her past, reconnect with her Native American roots and embrace the meaning of family and community if she ever hopes to move forward.

Lift (Netflix)

Kevin Hart leads a diverse cast in this action robbery comedy directed by F Gary Gray. Lift follows a heist crew who plan to steal $100 million worth of terrorist gold on a passenger flight, but with one tricky part – doing the job while the plane is airborne at 30,000 feet. Jam-packed with action sequences and comedy thrills, it’s perfect Hart country.


Anton O’Toole – Finscéal de Shaol GAA (TG4, Thursday 18th, 9.30pm)

A profile of the much-loved ‘Blue Panther’, who was pivotal to the iconic Dubs football team of the 1970s, including an ailing Anton’s continued involvement after his playing days finished. Told against the backdrop of relevant historical events, it shows how GAA sport relates to Irish society.

Premier League (Sky Sports, Saturday and Sunday 20th + 21st, 5pm and 2pm)

This week midtable Brentford host Nottingham Forest in the Saturday evening match, while on Sunday, two teams on respective hot streaks collide, as title contenders Liverpool travel to Bournemouth. Liverpool’s form has marked them as contenders for the title race, while Bournemouth are also well in the mix.