Clifford: The Big Red Dog is on RTÉ 1 on Saturday November 4 at 7pm.

A 10-foot hound in a small city apartment...

TV WEEK (Wednesday 1st to Tuesday 7th)


Photo by Naoise Culhane

Ear To The Ground (RTÉ 1, Thursday 2nd, 7pm)

This popular farming and rural affairs programme is back for its groundbreaking 31st season. This week Maeve visits a farming TikToker in Killarney, Darragh meets a Cork dairy farmer whose herd has tested positive for TB, and Ella spends the day with a competitor as he vies for the prize at the All-Ireland Hedge Laying Championships.

Sir Ian McKellen Remembers – All Is True (BBC 4, Thursday 2nd, 9pm)

The knighted actor discusses the 2018 film exploring a fictional version of the life and loves of William Shakespeare, and looks back on his role as the Earl of Southampton, to whom Shakespeare sent many of his famous sonnets, and who may have been more than just a literary patron. He also reflects on why the roles Shakespeare created 400 hundred years ago still hold the same attraction for actors today.

Unwanted (Sky Atlantic, Thursday 2nd, 9pm)

Inspired by the book ‘Bilal,’ from journalist Fabrizio Gatti, this eight-part series tells the story of an undercover human rights defender who is helping migrants journey from Africa to Europe as they battle human traffickers and government officials. The series focuses on a tourist-packed cruise ship that rescues a group of refugees from the sea.

Photo by Szymon Lazewski

Falling for the Life of Alex Whelan (RTÉ 2, Thursday 2nd, 10.30pm)

A young Chinese Irish woman meets the man of her dreams at a foreign language film club, only to discover the next day through social media that he has died. Piecing together who he was through his online life, she begins to wonder what could have been.

The Graham Norton Show (BBC 1, Friday 3rd, 10.40pm)

As we get used to the darker evenings, it’s good to have the quick wit of the Bandon born personality to ease us into winter’s tightening grip. High on the sofa tonight is Miriam Margolyes, that British national treasure who’s never backward about coming forward on the more salacious aspects of her entertaining life. She’s joined by singer Boy George and Sarah Snook from Succession.

Life And Soul (RTÉ 1, Sunday 5th, 10.30pm)

We follow Lorraine O’Connor’s journey from Irish Catholicism on the northside of Dublin, and eventually to Mecca as a devout Muslim and the dynamic founder of The Muslim Sisters of Eire, who, every Friday, feed hundreds of homeless people outside the GPO in Dublin.


The Nobody Zone: Interview With An Irish Serial Killer (RTÉ 1, Monday 6th, 9.35pm)

The podcast that explored one of Ireland’s first serial killers, Kieran Patrick Kelly, has broken records across the globe. The first murder that Kelly admitted to was that of Christy Smith, a friend whom he’d pushed under a train in London in the 1950s. Although he was only convicted of two killings, Kelly claimed to have murdered as many as 15 people over 30 years.


Magic Mike’s Last Dance (Sky Cinema, from Friday)

‘Magic’ Mike Lane (Channing Tatum) takes to the stage again after a lengthy hiatus, following a business deal that went bust, leaving him broke and taking bartender gigs in Florida. For what he hopes will be one last hurrah, Mike heads to London with a wealthy socialite (Salma Hayek Pinault) who lures him with an offer he can’t refuse – and an agenda of her own.

The Nest (BBC 2, Friday 3rd, 11.05pm)

Jude Law is a slick Manhattan investment advisor, with a top career, beautiful wife and requisite two children. Aspiring for greater things, he moves to an old English mansion with a peculiar history and secret doorways. Slowly it becomes clear this was a bad career move for everybody.

Tobruk (Film4, Friday 3rd, 11am)

George Peppard and Rock Hudson lead a sterling cast in this all-action war story around how a force of 90 Allied soldiers attempted to slow Rommel’s advance on the Suez canal, and destroy the desert fuel reserves to stop Nazi tanks in their tracks.


Shakespeare In Love (BBC 1, Wednesday 1st, 11.40pm)

A romantic comedy set in the 1590s, this witty, visually enticing and madly romantic entertainment scores on every level. Gwyneth Paltrow and Joseph Fiennes drive the story of the world’s greatest writer and the women who inspire him to create history’s greatest love story. Judi Dench is magnificent as the Queen.


Tribes, Predators And Me (BBC2, Friday 3rd, 4.15pm)

Wildlife cameraman and presenter Gordon Buchanan travels to remote tribal lands to learn the wildlife secrets of people who live alongside the iconic and dangerous animals we fear the most. This time out, he witnesses the launching of a young eagle from horseback as taught by Kazakh nomads in Mongolia.

Clifford: The Big Red Dog (RTÉ 1, Saturday 4th, 7pm)

When middle-schooler Darby Camp meets a magical animal rescuer John Cleese, who gifts her a little red puppy, she never anticipated waking up to find a 10-foot hound in her small New York City apartment. While her single mother is away for business, Emily and her impulsive uncle, Jack Whitehall, set out on an adventure that takes a bite out of the Big Apple.


NYAD (Netflix)

A remarkable true story of the triumph of the human spirit, this recounts how athlete Diana Nyad returned to marathon swimming at 60, after becoming obsessed with completing an epic swim that always eluded her – the 110 mile trek from Cuba to Florida, often referred to as the ‘Mount Everest’ of swims. Annette Benning and Jodie Foster star.

Fingernails (Apple TV)

Jessie Buckley and Jeremy Allen White play a couple who have supposedly found true love – proven by a controversial new technology. There’s just one problem: Anna still isn’t sure. Then she takes a position at a love testing institute, where she meets Riz Ahmed and that changes everything.

Pain Hustlers (Netflix)

Emily Blunt plays a working class single mother who becomes a pharmaceutical sales rep, pushing dubious cures, driven on by her manager Chris Evans and ruthless boss Andy Garcia. Another inside view of an industry where greed often out-votes morality in pursuit of the almighty bottom line.

The Buccaneers (Apple TV)

In the 1870s a bunch of rich American girls are trying to find posh English husbands during the London debutante season. A new television version of Edith Wharton’s novel, recounting how wealthy American lassies upset the local London gals when it came to winning the contest for marriage and men.


URC Live (RTÉ 2, Saturday 4th, 2.30pm)

So the Rugby World Cup is over for another four years, and we’re back to the domestic leagues – where the best of Irish rugby is on display. First up is Leinster v Edinburgh, followed immediately by Munster v the Dragons.