New Traveller training hub open tomorrow

Meath Travellers Workshop will launch the Michael McDonagh Training Workshop Hub in Navan tomorrow (Tuesday 19th September),

The space is being dedicated to the late Michael McDonagh on the second anniversary of his passing.

The space will accommodate practical hands-on projects for Traveller Men and boy’s. It is aimed at promoting positive mental health among Traveller men, developing practical skills, creating a space for peer learning and sharing of skills and talents. They also plan on holding a number of pre-apprentice programmes and Traveller specific craft developments.

Michael was a keen advocate of education and learning. He believed that peer learning, passing on knowledge and skills from one generation to the next was so important to ensure traditional skills weren’t lost.

For many years Michael wanted to develop the shed in the courtyard of the Meath Travellers Workshop premises on the Fairgreen in Navan into a working space to encourage Traveller men to get involved to improve both mental health and overall wellbeing.

It was developed after Michael’s passing with funding received from the Late Late Toy appeal and KickStart dormant accounts fund.

The Michael McDonagh Training Hub is a testament to the many years of hard work and dedication that Michael gave to Meath Travellers Workshop. The hub will allow MTW to hold activities and events aimed at Traveller men and boys and will see the hopes of Michael realised and continued into the future.