@Meathman'sDiary... This party’s over, I'm going home...

The days of raucous late night/early hour parties are few and far between for your writer now.

Unless of course, it's 'Dad's Taxi' duty that sees me parked outside random homes waiting to collect a daughter and her friends and hear about all the latest “unbelievable drama” about 'Cormac' who "thought he could drink half a bottle of Jaeger in one go, couldn't, got thick with Lorcan for no reason whatsoever, threw his Nike Airforce at him, missed and smashed Caoimhe's mum's new flat screen TV and then vommed all over the cockapoo".

Who hasn't found themselves at a house party that went on just that little bit too long, where you regretted not leaving that half an hour sooner, grabbing your coat, scooping up your bag of cans heading for the exit.

Kind of the way Twitter feels right now. The party was already well poisonous before someone let their guard down at the front gate and let Elon Musk barge in with a crate of Carlsberg Special Brew declaring ownership of the house, punching out the DJ and letting bewildered guests stay but only if they bought a bottle of his Blue Wicked.

Now the question millions of Twitter revellers are asking themselves is: 'Why did I wait so long to leave?' Maybe it's that age old FOMO (fear of missing out), wondering what level of craziness you will miss if you've logged off.

This morning's (Tuesday, 8th November) Twitter trends were Mar-A-Lago, Trump, Ted Cruz, Mid Terms and er, LiveLine, all rabbit holes to hell and hate. Yes Liveline, you're in there too.

The $44bn deal gave the world’s richest man control of an out-of-control social media platform with more than 230m users or varying shades of identity and intention and with questions hanging over just what Musk intends to do with it.

In a visit to the company’s San Francisco HQ last week he said he was buying the company “to try to help humanity”.

That help involved firing half of its workforce, upending most of its research and development teams, hawking verfication and reach stickers for dollars and promising who knows what with all that priceless data on its product which in this case, is its users.

Frankly, there is limited hope anything can be done to save Twitter now and pull it back from the toxic abyss it's circled for some years now. The original digital town square launched fully in 2007 was once a space where healthy debate and breaking news could sit comfortably beside the funny, the poignant and the informative. Now, it seems every second posting is a celebration of hate, bitterness, division, fascism and call to violence.

I'm at the door now, hand on the handle. I've been at this party since 2011 and watched it get messier and nastier where everyone's in a rage, occupying different rooms and bouncing of walls waiting to tear down doors, ceilings and each other. It really is time to go. Send tweet.

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