Free eye tests for school children at Specsavers Ashbourne

WITH the new school term just around the corner, there is one exam that children should be taking before they return to the classroom – an eye exam. Specsavers Ashbourne is advising parents of the significant impact poor eyesight can have on a child’s ability to learn and are reminding them to schedule an eye test before the start of the upcoming academic school year.

As the back-to-school season begins to kick off, Specsavers Ashbourne will be holding free eye tests for kids from 28th August until 3rd September. Testing before your child goes into full-time education means that any problems they may have are identified early, setting them up for a happy and fulfilling school life.

Poor eyesight can cause learning and behavioural problems, which might be blamed on other things. This is especially true for young children, who may find it difficult to explain the difficulties they are having with their eyesight or may not even be aware they have a problem. The sooner that vision problems are detected, the better the outcome.

Experts in eyecare, Specsavers recommends that parents take their children to have their first eye examination at the age of three and continue with regular check-ups at least once every two years to ensure their children have optimum eye health. Children’s eyes do not fully develop until they are eight years old and, during this developmental period, many eye conditions such as amblyopia (lazy eye) and strabismus (crossed eye) can be easily corrected, if detected early enough.

Optometrist and resident partner at Specsavers Ashbourne, Darren Connolly, says: ‘It is important to take your child for regular eye tests, regardless of whether they wear glasses, to ensure they have healthy vision, enabling them to fulfil their academic potential. During the first 12 years of our lives, as much as 80%[1] of learning is accomplished through our vision, yet one out of every four children have an undetected vision problem that may inhibit their progress in the classroom’.

Darren adds: ‘At Specsavers Ashbourne, we want to overcome this, and ensure every child has perfect vision. As children prepare to return to school for the start of the new academic year, now is the ideal time to arrange an eye exam for your child to ensure they get the most out of their education.’

At Specsavers, all children’s frames are priced at €55 and are free with an under-12’s HSE optical voucher. Furthermore, children can choose a second pair from the same range for the same prescription at only €24.

At Specsavers Ashbourne, customers are always guaranteed expert eyecare, exceptional choice and outstanding value for money. For further information, pop into Specsavers at 36 Killegland St, Milltown, Ashbourne, or call (01) 683 2170, or log on to