Dunboyne and St Pat's on course for Junior honours

If the IHC proved difficult to predict then picking a winner of the JHC is next to impossible.

Form means nothing when it comes to third tier championship hurling. Some teams might struggle to field, while others will have more players available as their clubs first teams are restored to full strength for SHC action.

Dunboyne have been traditionally strong at second team hurling and while they have lost a few players to travels they are once again likely to be main contenders.

O'Mahonys second string lost out to Rathmolyon in the A HL Div 5 final and they will be hungry to get back on the horse, while Killyon's reserves also impressed last year and won A HL Div 4 this year.

This six team round-robin championship will have many twists and turns, but Dunboyne get the nod to edge out Killyon - eventually.


It is said almost every year that because they are the only first team involved in the Junior 2 HC that St Patrick's must be genuine contenders and that is once again the case.

Rathmolyon's second string will take confidence from their win in A HL Div 5. Much will depend on teams fielding for every game, there will be walkovers and concessions, but if they stay the course then it could be St Patrick's year.