Launching the ATM at Link Credit Union in Kingscourt were Mary McCabe, Eileen Finglas, Martina Clarke, Ailbhe Curtis, Will Caffrey of PointCash by Brinks, Angela Rice CEO Link Credit Union, Catherine Finnegan, Louise Coyle, and Hannah Flynn.

ATM returns to Kingscourt after departure of bank branch

Having been without an ATM since Bank of Ireland closed its doors last year, the people of Kingscourt once again have 24 hour access to cash after the local Link Credit Union recently installed an ATM at its branch.

The departure of Bank of Ireland last October left a huge void in the busy mart town, not least taking away the only ATM machine, and locals had to rely on cash-back or the smaller in store cash machines in shops to access cash, with these shops struggling to meet the demand.

The Meath Chronicle highlighted how the lack of ATM facilities was impacting on businesses and customers and local fears that shoppers would take their business to bigger towns because of it.

In recent weeks, the local Link Credit Union has installed ATM machines in both its Bailieboro' and Kingscourt branches, a move that has been widely welcomed in both towns.

The machines will be run and operated by Point Cash by Brinks and will accept cards from any financial services provider.

Link Credit Union’s chairperson Ian Primrose said: “The installation of the new ATMs in both Bailieboro and Kingscourt are a timely and much-needed addition to the services of Link Credit Union offices. The removal of ATMs by other larger financial institutions has had a significant and detrimental impact on the people and businesses in the communities that we serve. ATMs and convenient access to cash withdrawals continue to play a pivotal role in the successes and vibrancy of the local retail environment. Both ATMs are located at the front of the offices to ensure that the whole community will have convenient access to cash withdrawals 24 hours a day.”

Link Credit Union’s CEO Angela Rice added: “Although many services and retailers are now accepting card payments, there is still a large requirement for cash and we are glad to be able to provide an ATM machine in both towns.

“We received enquiries from members in the past few months about an ATM machine, in particular in Kingscourt since the departure of Bank of Ireland. We have been working to bring these services to both towns and are delighted to be able to provide the essential services."