Andy McEntee- night of long knives, surviving, managing Meath, online abuse, Shane's death, provincial system is broken

In one of the most powerful, honest and explosive episodes of BBC NI's The GAA Social Podcast yet- former Meath manager Andy McEntee explains what it’s really like being an inter-county manager.

There was an attempt to oust the former All-Ireland winning club coach in October 2021- but Andy survived despite what he described as the efforts of "irrelevant people trying to make themselves relevant" and was backed ferociously by the clubs in Meath.

This is his account of what happened, the trust that was lost, the abusive messages and letters received by him and his family and the hurt inflicted.

It’s not all bad- in the words of McEntee there were more good days and that’s reflected in the letters that dropped through his front door, the relationships with the players and a gradual improvement of the team against a backdrop of the greatest team of all-time, Dublin.

For the first time in an interview, Andy explains the impact of loss following the death of his brother Shane, Minister for Agriculture, who died by suicide in 2012. It’s an emotional powerful story and shines a light on online abuse and the pressures of inter-county management.

There are some brilliant moments of laughter and the positivity of Andy McEntee shines through.

Brutally honest, funny and emotional and a focus on the All-Ireland football quarter-finals this weekend.

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