Cllr Fennessy said there a growing demand for a dog park.

Cllr unleashes dog park call for Navan

Meath County Council has agreed to look at providing a dog park on the banks of the Blackwater in Navan.

Cllr Eddie Fennessy proposed at last week's meeting of Navan Municipal Council that they consider the installation of a dog run/park on the riverside park."

"Part of the Flowerhill and Abbeylands Urban Design Plan proposes to develop a riverside park on the banks of the River Blackwater opposite Mill Lane,” he said.

He asked the Executive to recognise the growing demand for an amenity that allows dog owners to exercise their pets free from the constraints of a leash.

“Having three interlinked riverside parks in the centre of town is an exciting prospect and that's exactly what the Flowerhill and Abbeylands Regeneration Scheme proposes to deliver for Navan.

“It is an ambitious project and one which communities on either side of the river will benefit from for generations to come.”

He said it was the second time he had called for such an amenity because he believed public spaces should accommodate everyone in the community.

“I'm regularly approached by pet owners who bemoan a lack of dog friendly spaces in county Meath.

“They point to Dublin and the nine such spaces available in public parks there.

“The planning process for the Flowerhill and Abbeylands Regeneration Scheme presents the council with the perfect framework through which those constraints can be legislated for. I urge the council to include a dog friendly space on the scheme.”

Cllr Tommy Reilly agreed there was a need for a park where dogs could be off lead.

“There is a section of Blackwater Park down on the right hand side that is virtually wild and would be perfect for it,” he said.

Cllr Emer Tóibín said all the councillors had been approached by dog owners, looking for somewhere dogs can be let run without a lead.

“All you need is a fenced in area,” she said.

The meeting heard the Council is involved in regular education and awareness initiatives promoting responsible dog ownership and its limited resources are devoted to ensuring compliance with these provisions, but a commitment was given to consider the proposal.