Trim performer’s songs for those who helped her overcome illness


A TALENTED singer from Trim says she decided to record her version of a famous pop anthem to say thank you to the public for their support on her journey into music following a serious illness.

After a series of song dedications posted to her social media pages during lock-down, Siobhán McAleese decided to celebrate the success of the series by releasing the final dedication, a cover of Sia’s ‘Chandelier’.

The singer and music producer Mark Cahill worked together to bring an epic, cinematic sound to the big hit made famous by pop sensation Sia.

“Singing ‘Chandelier’ is no mean feat," said Siobhán. “I have worked very hard on my vocals to bring something new and exciting and really look forward to performing Chandelier on stage to a live audience.”

After a tumour was found on her pituitary gland, during her second pregnancy Siobhan McAlesse (40) was diagnosed with Secondary Addison’s Disease, a rare disorder that affects the production of cortisol and aldosterone in the body.

After recovering from surgery to have the tumour removed, the mum of two realised how precious music was to her and gave her the courage to pursue her dreams again and led her to rediscover her passion for singing.

Last year Siobhan released her debut studio single, ‘O Mio Babbino Caro’ composed by Giacomo Puccini receiving a phenomenal response to a video for the song that she uploaded on social media. The Trim mum of two said she was wanted to give back to those who backed her. She added:

"When I began my music page on Facebook I got such great reviews and people were so appreciative of what I was doing and I wanted to say a thank you back to people for supporting me so I put up a post asking people to submit their entries for song dedications and I got seven entries and I decided that because of the thoughts behind all of them that I would sing all seven. The seventh song was Chandelier and it inspired me to record my own version."

Siobhan thankfully received a clear bill of health and says her health scare made her realise she needed to follow her passion for music.

"I am down to yearly check ups at this stage, they are really happy with the progress I have made, I still have to take medication for my thyroid but apart from that I would barely notice anything anymore.

"It shone a light on music like it never had before, music was always in my life but I had neglected that side of me in the years prior to my illness, I realised when I got sick how important it was and it was like missing a limb, I knew I had to get it back."

‘Chandelier’ was arranged and produced by Mark Cahill, at Crookedwood Studios (near Slane) and features Emily Carey on Cello. The official music video for ‘Chandelier’ was filmed by Aidan Farrelly (Bad Apple Films) and edited by Mark Cahill. The video features a headpiece made by Siobhan Daly Designs. Chandelier is available to download and stream on all major platforms now.